Meet Eve A. Wood, M.D.

Eve A. Wood, M.D., is an integrative psychiatrist, executive coach and key-note speaker who uses a practical, science-based approach to help attorneys with depression, anxiety, burnout or extreme stress transform their lives for well-being, and professional success. She serves on the Colorado Supreme Court Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being and is the founder of: A HEALTHY LAWYER; A Sustainable Approach to Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, and Stress. She has practiced for 35 years, been a Professor, and Medical Director in many settings, a Senior Medical Consultant and Chief Medical Officer. She has spoken, taught, and presented all over the world, authored three books and two self-help kits and won numerous awards for her writing, focusing on whole person health and the innate capacity to heal with a minimal reliance on medicine. She offers CLE supported well-being talks, workshops, retreats, and webinars for bars, firms, organizations, and individuals.

“You can rely on Eve, not only to give a great presentation, but also to fully cooperate with program production schedules. She’s an enthusiastic and confident presenter in her field of expertise and she commits to honoring deadlines and fully participating in the planning of content and technology required for successful CLE programming.”

Zambia Brannon-Carter

Program Associate, ABACLE, American Bar Association

Speaking Topics

Dr. Wood can customize her offerings and speaking topics for your conference, meeting or firm.

Stop Attorney Burnout: A Practical, Science-based Approach To Finding Balance In Challenging Times

Research shows that over 1/3 of lawyers are suffering with depression, anxiety, burnout, isolation, and extreme stress, and that these problems are increasing in frequency and severity. This impacts competency, health, client relationships, joy and well-being, and can progress to catastrophic outcomes, including suicide. Yet, lawyers lack support and training, in how to prevent burnout, recognize the signs of distress early on, mitigate difficulties, access help, promote well-being, and fix their lives when they have become overwhelming.

In This 60 or 90-minute Workshop, Participants Will Learn:

  • What is Burnout, and how is it different from normal stress
  • How Burnout progresses to depression, and severe anxiety
  • The reason lawyer Burnout is growing and why it’s not your fault
  • How to measure your own level of Burnout
  • Why taking medication does not fix Burnout
  • Simple self-care strategies to mitigate Burnout
  • Burnout Busting! How to improve your career and relationships through sustainable, holistic solutions for well-being

Additional Topics

What Is Well-being And How You Can Achieve It

Covers the 6 Well-Being Dimensions Identified by ABA Task Force, CDC definition, Life Design Concept, 5 Health Promoting Behaviors that increase length of life 10 years, the role of environment, biology, work-hours, technology, and simple take-away steps to create massive shift for well-being.

The Top Ten Life-style Shifts To Make For Your Health And Well-being

Covers What to Eat, When to Eat and Why, How to Get Enough Sleep, Nature Bathing, the Best Ways to Exercise, Use of Alcohol and Other Substances, Role of Medicines of all Types/Health Conditions, Fun/Play, Standing up for Your Health, What to Think!

Simple Strategies To Manage Your Energy And Promote Resilience

Covers the Stress Response, Workaholism and Work Creep, Dying for a Paycheck, Strategies to Create Work-Life Balance, How to Set Limits at Work, Dealing with Difficult Bosses, Colleagues, and Clients, How to Monitor the Company You Keep, Recharge, Do What Matters to You, and Delegate Effectively.

How To Use The Power Of Your Mind To Foster Positivity And Joy

Covers the Power of Beliefs to Determine What you Accomplish, Origin of Self-Concept, Beliefs that Empower and Those that Cripple, Strategies to Reprogram Negative Circuits for Positivity (inner critic, pessimism etc.), Reframing, Developing a Positive Explanatory Style, Role of yoga/visualization/etc.

How You Can Stop Feeling Anxious, Stay Focused And Find Inner Peace

Covers What Causes Anxiety, The Role of Medical Conditions, Learning the Language of Your Body, Cognitive Behavior Tools to stop Anxiety, Breathing Techniques, Meditative Relaxation, Guided Imagery, other Movement Practices and Music.

Top Tools To Build Healing Connections And Gracefully Exit Toxic Ones

Covers the Pervasiveness and Toxicity of Loneliness/Isolation, The Failure Resume, Skills to Foster Emotional Intelligence, Feelings Identification, Effective Communication Strategies (and ones that really bomb!) Since it is Necessary to Create Healing Connections for Well-Being and Optimal Function.

“Eve Wood was a pleasure to work with while producing an ABA CLE webinar. She provided an excellent and timely presentation that afforded our members the opportunity to expand their knowledge in self-care relating to anxiety and depression. Eve was very professional during our interactions, met all deadlines, and provided substantive materials for our members. I would recommend Eve Wood for any programming pertaining to lawyer wellness.”

Courtney L. Bronson

Associate Director Educational Programs, ABACLE, American Bar Association

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