Was Held On November 2 – 3, 2018

A Sustainable Approach to Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, and Stress.

Are you a lawyer, judge, or law student, dealing with anxiety, depression, burnout or extreme stress, who despite your best efforts, can’t seem to make your life work? Do you find yourself thinking, I can’t go on, but feel stuck about how to change it?

According to the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, you are not alone

You are likely experiencing normal responses to abnormal stress!

Research shows that over 1/3 of lawyers are suffering with depression, anxiety, burnout, isolation, and extreme stress, and that these problems are increasing in frequency and severity. This impacts competency, health, client relationships, joy and well-being, and can progress to catastrophic outcomes, including suicide. Yet, lawyers lack support and training, to prevent burnout, recognize the signs of distress early on, mitigate difficulties, access help, promote well-being, and fix your life when it has become overwhelming. This retreat is designed to empower you with support and a deep tool kit of strategies to build a sustainable rewarding life. 

If you are ready to experience well-being, joy, and professional satisfaction, the A Healthy Lawyer Retreat provides you with a path forward that is practical, science based, and proven effective to turn your life around.

This retreat is limited to 40 like-minded fellow attorneys, so there is time and space for you to learn, ask questions, identify patterns you want to change, get support, guidance, and valuable feedback.

Your Take-Aways

By the end of the retreat you will have:

  • Strategies to tap into your resilience, decrease stress and depletion, recharge and replenish, so you can not only meet the demands of life but feel energized, motivated, and joyful at work and at home.
  • Training on healthy habits, and a manageable, easy to implement, self-care system, that addresses the whole person, so that you can stop destructive patterns, and bring your best self to your relationships and career.
  • Powerful science-based tools and techniques to nurture your innate healing capacity, minimize your need for medications, and promote ongoing psychological well-being, so that you can reconfigure your brain for happiness, and function optimally.
  • Procedures to stop the anxiety, without depending on drugs, so that you can sleep peacefully, relax and enjoy life, and confidently make decisions that enable you to thrive at work.
  • Deep, trustworthy relationships, where you can be yourself, share your challenges, and get valuable feedback, encouragement, and support.
  • Practical evidence-based strategies to grow self-compassion and increase happiness, so you can achieve fulfillment in life and work.
  • A step-by-step framework to think strategically about your life, so you can build a sustainable plan for whatever you want to experience in the future.

Why You Need This Retreat

Powerful learning to make a difference in your life

A relaxing and educational 2-day retreat where you will learn a step-by-step framework to well-being, joy, and professional fulfillment, so you can get unstuck, think strategically, and begin building the life you love.

  • Powerful and practical Training in a 6-module curriculum, so you can nurture your innate healing capacity, promote calm, balance, and resilience, enjoy life and thrive at work.
  • COLAP Presents: How to Make Stress Work for You covering grievances, relationship between poorly managed stress and professional conduct, and other topics, so you are resourced, and can procure required Ethics CLE.
  • A group limited to 40 like-minded fellow attorneys, where there is time and space for you to learn, and ask questions, so you can identify patterns you want to change, and get valuable feedback.
  • All conference materials and a 30-page workbook with take-away tools to guide you, focus your efforts, and serve as an ongoing resource, so you can confidently make decisions about what you need to do bring you best self to your relationships, and career.
  • Four audio files of anxiety management tools: breath work, progressive muscle relaxation, meditative relaxation response, guided imagery available forever, so you can stop your anxiety, sleep peacefully, and enjoy your life.
  • Friday breakfast and buffet lunch, Saturday breakfast, and continuous breakout station (Fri and Sat)
  • Free Parking

Continuing Legal Education Credits, approved by the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Registration, including 2 Ethics credits and 10 general skills credits so you can meet your licensure requirements, while learning how to create a life you love! 

“I have known Dr. Eve Wood for twenty-five years. Her wisdom and counsel have been invaluable to me as my life and career as a lawyer progressed over time. She taught me things that no one taught me before, enriching my personal, family, and professional lives.

Eve is a humanist who has many gifts. She is non-judgmental, gentle in manner, direct, sensitive, positive, empowering, and not wedded to one philosophy or magic formula for success. She brings everything she has to the table to work as a one-on-one partner in tackling the work before her.

Her boundaries are strong, she is unwaveringly ethical and principled, and trustworthy, all traits that are imperative in integrative medicine and executive coaching. Eve focuses her attention one hundred percent of the time on the person she is working with. There are no distractions, no interruptions, no phone calls taken. Her only agenda is to use all her skills all the time to help her client grow in discovering and achieving his or her objectives. Eve will hold your soul in her hands and introduce you to your own beauty and gifts where you might not have known them.”

Sherry E. Baskin, Esq.

The Curriculum

What is Well-Being/Whole Person Health and How Do you Get There?

Focus in this training is on the continuum from Well-Being to Dis-ease, and of varying degrees of vulnerability. With enough pressure on the system, any of us becomes unwell…. Well-Being involves many dimensions of life, and is ongoing effort, that we can absolutely impact! No absolutes! And, many culprits/options!

Build Your Foundation of Healthy Life-style Choices that Foster Well-Being (and why)

In this powerful and practical training, we’ll dive into the everyday ways you can create well-being starting now – We’ll cover Nutrition, Exercise, sleep, fun, etc.

Find Meaning and Work-Life Balance to Banish Burnout

In this crucial training, you will learn how to step out of the constant stress cycle, manage your energy, establish and maintain boundaries, prioritize what matters, and grow your personal agency.

Foster Positivity and Joy by Using the Power of Your Mind

This module covers the life-affirming power of your mind to accomplish great things, by challenging and reframing negative self-concepts and beliefs, and fostering a positive outlook and set of behaviors that reconfigure your brain for happiness.

Feel Calm and Inner Peace by Settling Your Nervous and Building Resilience

Together we will stop anxiety, using cognitive techniques, and mind-body tools to promote calm such as guided imagery, breath work and movement.

Build Healing Relationships That Empower you, and Eliminate Toxic Ones

Your intuitive wisdom is brilliant, but often inaccessible. In this transformative module, you will learn feelings identification, healthy communication strategies, how to grow relationships that heal and gracefully exit those that harm.

“I first met Eve when she joined the medical staff of the hospital I worked at serving as the Chief Medical Officer. She immediately impressed me with her intellect, passion, leadership, spirit and desire to provide great patient care and help people. But what impressed me most about her was her heart. Here was a physician, a woman who genuinely cared. I have seen her pursue care for patients that is truly lifesaving. I have been honored to work with her for the last few years and am certain that any endeavor she engages in will be with professionalism, integrity, optimism and most of all, heart. Eve is the type of person that, when I saw her name on my calendar, I would think to myself “Good, I get to see Eve today”. Whether you engage Eve as a coach, consultant or physician colleague, I am certain you will be pleased that you made the decision to connect with her. I recommend Dr. Wood to you with my highest recommendation.”

Thomas R. Drake MD

Recently retired CMO

The Speakers

Eve A. Wood

Eve A. Wood, M.D., is an integrative psychiatrist, executive coach and key-note speaker who uses a practical, science-based approach to help attorneys with depression, anxiety, burnout or extreme stress transform their lives for well-being, joy, and professional success. She serves on the Colorado Supreme Court Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being and has developed the signature program: A HEALTHY LAWYER; A Sustainable Approach to Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Burnout.  She has practiced for 35 years, serving as a Professor, and Medical Director in many settings, a Senior Medical Consultant and Chief Medical Officer. She has spoken, taught, and presented all over the world, making her mark in the field by bridging body, mind, and spirit in an empowering model of whole-person healing. Dr. Wood has authored three books and two self-help kits and has won numerous awards for her writing, focusing on the innate capacity to heal with a minimal reliance on medicine.

Sarah Myers

Sarah Myers, JD, LMFT is the Executive Director of the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program. She received her B.A. from the University of Richmond in Virginia, her M.A. from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and her J.D. at the University of Denver in Colorado.  She is a Colorado licensed attorney, licensed marriage and family therapist, and licensed addiction counselor.  Ms. Myers is also a licensed post-graduate level secondary teacher, certified trauma and abuse psychotherapist, and certified LGTBQ therapist.   She has over 20 years of experience as a professor and teacher, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and program director.  Ms. Myers specializes in stress management, psychoneuroimmunology, behavioral health, substance use disorders, and psychoeducation.

I began working with Dr. Wood almost twenty years ago during a time of personal crisis. Although she hasn’t been my therapist for many years, I view our time together as the foundation for the meaningful and fulfilling life that I am now blessed to live. She is wise, practical and compassionate, which allowed the skeptical lawyer in me to grow, blossom and eventually flourish both personally and professionally. Law can be a wonderful career, but it can also be incredibly stressful and burn-out is quite common. As such, I am particularly excited by her recent work with lawyers empowering them to develop the tools needed to be successful and to live a balanced life.

Elise Luce Kraemer, L'93

Executive Director, Graduate Programs, University of Pennsylvania Law School