A Sustainable Approach to Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, and Stress.

A Quick Look at Employee Burnout

A recent study in the Employee Engagement Series conducted by Kronos Incorporated and Future Workplace® discovered that employee burnout was one of the biggest threats to the workforce in 2017. The top three leading factors contributing to such high levels of burn out are detailed below.


Unfair Compensation


Unreasonable Workload


Too Much Overtime / After-hours Work

Is the A Healthy Lawyer program for you?

  • Are you a lawyer, judge, or law student, dealing with anxiety, depression, burnout or extreme stress, who despite your best efforts, can’t seem to make your life work? Do find yourself thinking, I can’t go on, but feel stuck about how to change it?
  • Are work demands taking over your life, leaving you exhausted, irritable, critical and disillusioned? Do you have to drag yourself to work, finding it nearly impossible to do your job, and worry that you’re going to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for? Or, are you too numb and burnt out to see the point in trying anymore?
  • Do you find yourself over-drinking, over-eating or engaging in other destructive behaviors to cope with the constant stress of your life? Do you know that you are risking your health, career and relationships, but feel out of control and stuck in a toxic pattern?
  • Are you down, or so depressed, that you no longer enjoy things that used to matter? Do you worry that your decision making, focus, and productivity are so impaired that you could make a serious mistake, be passed over for a promotion, or lose your job all together? Are you struggling with whether to be on antidepressants, and needing holistic solutions?
  • Do you fall into bed exhausted, but find you can’t sleep because your anxious mind won’t stop racing? Have crippling anxiety and stress hijacked your ability to think straight, or to be present in your life, such that you are missing important deadlines at work, or are unable to enjoy your family even when you are at home?
  • Are you isolated, lonely, and afraid to be yourself at work because you don’t know who has your back, and who is out to get you? Does your lack of deep friendship and support cause debilitating self-criticism and doubt, drive you to over-work, or sap the creative energy you need to be successful?

According to the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being, you are not alone. You are likely experiencing normal responses to abnormal stress!

If you are ready to experience well-being, joy, and professional satisfaction, the A Healthy Lawyer program provides you with a path forward that is practical, science based, and proven effective to turn your life around.

What’s Included:

Retreat Level

A relaxing and educational 2-day retreat near downtown Denver, where you will learn a step-by-step framework to well-being, joy, and professional fulfillment, so you can get unstuck, think strategically, and begin building the life you love.

Four audio downloads to help stop anxiety now.

***Continuing Legal Education Credits, approved by the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation, including 2 Ethics credits and 10 general skills credits so you can meet your licensure requirements, while learning how to create a life you love! ***

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Group Level

Comprehensive 12 Week Program Including Everything in Retreat Level


Six 90-minute group sessions, so you can dive deeper into the 6 trainings, forge rich connections with other attorneys, and get valuable support and feedback on problems as they arise.
(choose from in person or on-line)

Six biweekly mini-trainings to help you stay on track, assess where you are, and keep you moving forward on your goals.

Five audio downloads to facilitate emotional intelligence, available forever, so you can continue to grow self-compassion and make decisions that honor your inner wisdom.

12 beautifully illustrated Anxiety Management affirmation cards to facilitate your anxiety management plan so you can promote inner peace and well-being.

22 lovely feelings validation affirmation cards that support the wonder and wisdom of you, so you can continue to reconfigure your brain for happiness!

Gold Package

Everything in the Retreat and Group Level


Six 50-minute Private Coaching Sessions with Dr. Wood to help you clarify your gifts and challenges, and set your goals, so you can move forward in a way that is unique and deeply aligned with what most matters to you.

Six 30-minute Lunchtime Laser Coaching Call-ins so you can gain support from others, learn from their experiences, and get laser coaching and championing for the challenges you are facing and navigating.

Signed Copy of Dr. Wood’s book “10 Steps to Take Charge of Your Emotional Life” filled with many tools and examples, so you have additional resources to build a sustainable plan for whatever you want in the future!

“I hold Dr. Wood in my highest esteem. I’ve been working with her for over two years now. When I first met her, I was struggling with my work as a lawyer, recently separated, taking care of two precocious young children, and worried about money. All of it seemed too much for me, and I was a mess. Today my work is going well, my children are thriving, and I am financially stable. I feel grounded and strong. I don’t believe I’d be doing as well as I am, happy, confident and forward looking, if it weren’t to Dr. Wood’s expert coaching. I enthusiastically recommend her as a coach and trusted partner in realizing your potential.”

J. Linden Hagans

Attorney at Law

Wondering if A Healthy Lawyer is right for you?

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“I have known Dr. Eve Wood for twenty-five years. Her wisdom and counsel have been invaluable to me as my life and career as a lawyer progressed over time. She taught me things that no one taught me before, enriching my personal, family, and professional lives.

Eve is a humanist who has many gifts. She is non-judgmental, gentle in manner, direct, sensitive, positive, empowering, and not wedded to one philosophy or magic formula for success. She brings everything she has to the table to work as a one-on-one partner in tackling the work before her.

Her boundaries are strong, she is unwaveringly ethical and principled, and trustworthy, all traits that are imperative in integrative medicine and executive coaching. Eve focuses her attention one hundred percent of the time on the person she is working with. There are no distractions, no interruptions, no phone calls taken. Her only agenda is to use all her skills all the time to help her client grow in discovering and achieving his or her objectives. Eve will hold your soul in her hands and introduce you to your own beauty and gifts where you might not have known them.”

Sherry E. Baskin, Esq.

The Curriculum

What is Well-Being/Whole Person Health and How Do you Get There?

Focus in this training is on the continuum from Well-Being to Dis-ease, and of varying degrees of vulnerability. With enough pressure on the system, any of us becomes unwell…. Well-Being involves many dimensions of life, and is ongoing effort, that we can absolutely impact! No absolutes! And, many culprits/options!

Build Your Foundation of Healthy Life-style Choices that Foster Well-Being (and why)

In this powerful and practical training, we’ll dive into the everyday ways you can create well-being starting now – We’ll cover Nutrition, Exercise, sleep, fun, etc.

Find Meaning and Work-Life Balance to Banish Burnout

In this crucial training, you will learn how to step out of the constant stress cycle, manage your energy, establish and maintain boundaries, prioritize what matters, and grow your personal agency.

Foster Positivity and Joy by Using the Power of Your Mind

This module covers the life-affirming power of your mind to accomplish great things, by challenging and reframing negative self-concepts and beliefs, and fostering a positive outlook and set of behaviors that reconfigure your brain for happiness.

Feel Calm and Inner Peace by Settling Your Nervous and Building Resilience

Together we will stop anxiety, using cognitive techniques, and mind-body tools to promote calm such as guided imagery, breath work and movement.

Build Healing Relationships That Empower you, and Eliminate Toxic Ones

Your intuitive wisdom is brilliant, but often inaccessible. In this transformative module, you will learn feelings identification, healthy communication strategies, how to grow relationships that heal and gracefully exit those that harm.

“I first met Eve when she joined the medical staff of the hospital I worked at serving as the Chief Medical Officer. She immediately impressed me with her intellect, passion, leadership, spirit and desire to provide great patient care and help people. But what impressed me most about her was her heart. Here was a physician, a woman who genuinely cared. I have seen her pursue care for patients that is truly lifesaving. I have been honored to work with her for the last few years and am certain that any endeavor she engages in will be with professionalism, integrity, optimism and most of all, heart. Eve is the type of person that, when I saw her name on my calendar, I would think to myself “Good, I get to see Eve today”. Whether you engage Eve as a coach, consultant or physician colleague, I am certain you will be pleased that you made the decision to connect with her. I recommend Dr. Wood to you with my highest recommendation.”

Thomas R. Drake MD

Recently retired CMO

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